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14 12 23 CREST Gold Certificate 2 scaled

BISP Year 13 student Polina has achieved the prestigious CREST Gold Award, making her our second student to receive this honour. Granted by the British Science Association, the award recognizes practical skills and an investigative approach in STEM subjects. To qualify, students must undertake a project that contributes original insights to a chosen STEM field, presenting their findings in a report subject to rigorous external assessment.

In her pursuit of the Crest Gold Award in Chemistry, Polina explored the optimal concentration of chlorine for maintaining safe and clean swimming pool water. Remarkably, her comprehensive write-up spanned 22 pages! Congratulations to Polina for her diligent efforts and dedication which have truly paid off. Her project stands as a compelling example of how STEM can be harnessed to create a positive impact on society.