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During Term 1, thirty-seven Year 5 and 6 students from BISP participated online in the prestigious Primary Maths Challenge, hosted by the Mathematical Association UK. With great enthusiasm and determination, our students tackled 25 challenging reasoning and problem-solving questions.

This is the second year running that BISP students have taken part in this event. Our students showcased their exceptional mathematical skills and achieved great results in the competition. Encouragingly, this year’s students surpassed the results achieved last year. 

The Primary Maths Challenge is designed to push the boundaries of students who excel in Mathematics. By engaging in this competition, our students had the opportunity to test their problem-solving abilities and expand their mathematical reasoning skills. The challenge provided an exciting platform for our students to showcase their talent and passion for mathematics.

Congratulations to all the students who took part and we look forward to celebrating your progress and passion again next year.