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The BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy teams showcased exceptional skill and determination in the recent Football Academy BSL and Harrow Cup tournaments, demonstrating their strength and determination on the pitch. 

BSL Tournament

At the BSL tournament, our teams displayed outstanding performances across various age groups. The U11 boys demonstrated remarkable resilience, securing 6 wins and 1 draw in a highly competitive group stage. Although they narrowly missed out on third place in the finals, their overall performance was commendable, showcasing great potential for the future.

The U14 teams exhibited strong teamwork and sportsmanship, finishing in 3rd place in both the Cup and Shield categories. Their dedication and effort were evident throughout the tournament, earning praise not only for their skills but also for their positive attitude on and off the field.

In the U16 category, one of our teams clinched the championship title after a thrilling final match, while the other team put up a valiant effort to reach the semifinals. The experience gained from facing tough opponents contributed significantly to their growth as players.

The U18 team’s journey to victory was nothing short of remarkable. Despite a challenging start in the group stage, they bounced back spectacularly on the second day, winning all their matches including the final where they emerged as champions with a resounding 2-0 victory. Their determination and perseverance paid off, showcasing the depth of talent within our football programme.

Harrow Cup

Similarly, at the Harrow Cup, our teams showcased exceptional skill and determination across various age groups. The U11 boys’ team performed admirably, finishing as runners-up after an impressive display throughout the tournament, winning 8 out of 11 matches and scoring 24 goals.

The U11 girls’ team demonstrated resilience and competitiveness, securing a spot in the Cup semifinals and finishing among the top 4 teams. Their progress and determination were evident, reflecting the strong foundation of our football program.

The U13 boys and girls teams showcased exemplary performance, with the boys claiming the championship title and the girls finishing as runners-up after intense competition. These achievements highlight the depth of talent and dedication among our young athletes.

Our U15 teams also displayed impressive skills and teamwork, with the boys emerging as champions after a challenging final match, while the girls finished as runners-up, showcasing their potential for future success.

Finally, the U18 teams showed immense grit and determination, with the boys securing a thrilling comeback victory in the finals and the girls finishing as runners-up after a hard-fought battle. These achievements reflect the resilience and competitive spirit of our senior players.

As we look forward to Term 3 and an action-packed summer ahead, we congratulate all our football teams on their outstanding performances and wish them continued success. Your hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship are a testament to the strength of our BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy. Well done to all players, coaches, and families for their support and commitment to excellence on the field.