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BISP hosted the Early Years, KS1 and KS2 Sports Days in the Primary School. On the morning of their respective Sports Day, students met in their classrooms dressed in their house shirts, beaming with smiles and energy for the day ahead. Once teachers checked that each student had their hat, water bottle and sunscreen. They eagerly headed to the BISP top football pitches.

All students were assembled in their house team tents, ready for the day’s events. The general warm-up was led by the BISP Athletic Interns and was followed by the first events which started at 8:30 am. Each student was expected to compete in a variety of events and showcase the physical skills they have been developing in PE as well as their sportsmanship and ability to support others. The year groups rotated around events as per the schedule, which was announced by the one-and-only enthusiastic and witty Coach Luke. 

During the KS1 and KS2 events, at each station, event marshals organised the students, co-ordinated the running of the event and measured jumps or throws. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed girls and boys collected ribbons and house points were given as follows: 1st Place = 5 points, 2nd Place = 4 points, and 3rd Place = 3 points. Every other participant received 1 point towards their house. The true highlight of the Sports Days however, is the participation of all ability levels and a celebration of effort, sportsmanship and team spirit. 

The focus for the Early Years Sports Day this year was the introduction of the 3 PE friends who represent the 3 strands of Physical Literacy (Head, Heart and Hands), which we deliver from Nursery and beyond. The day started with a choreographed dance from the whole of Nursery and Reception, with lyrics that highlighted the need for us all to show Head, Heart and Hands whenever we move. 

Henrietta Heart, Henry Head and Harper Heart were the special guests for this performance and once complete the children carouseled around a number of activities designed to elicit thinking skills, physical skills and character strengths like grit, respect and kindness. The children’s effort at each station was rewarded with special coloured energy balls which they later presented to the friends to give them lots of energy for the day! 

At the end of the event the children came together to present the energy balls to the friends. They saw that their efforts during the morning, as they worked together with their friends, teachers and families, created MAGIC! The friends responded by showering the children with bubbles and flashing lights! Altogether a morning of Fun and Friendship, Persistence and Play, and Happiness and Head, Heart and Hands!

Overall, the Primary School BISP Sports Days were a great success and all students enjoyed participating in the various events. The atmosphere was electric, with students, teachers and parents all cheering each other on and showing their BISP school spirit, with a great sense of respect and kindness. The events were truly a testament to the talent, determination, and sportsmanship of the students at BISP.