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On November 16th 2022, BISP students hosted a TEDx Youth event in the BISP auditorium. The theme of the event is ‘Over the Horizon’ and featured talks delivered by BISP Head Student Matti Punno, BISP Parent, CEO and Co-Founder Sami Mian and BISP School Counsellor and Global Citizen Amber Godfrey. The talks were given using the TED conference format but were independently organised by our students and led by Y13 student Krish. We are pleased to be able to be part of the global TEDx Talks and hope these contributions from our community inspire you to be the leaders for tomorrow. 

How to succeed as a tech entrepreneur | Sami Mian

16 11 22 Ted x Youth 7490

BISP Parent Sami Mian delves into the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. He emphasises the potential of blockchain technology for revolutionising the way we conduct business. 

Sami also highlights the importance of security in the digital age and the responsibility of entrepreneurs to protect not only their own interests but also the interests of customers and clients. His talk concludes by stressing the importance of creating innovative technologies and their implications in the real world. Sami is a seasoned investor, entrepreneur, and educator with 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. He currently invests in and owns businesses in various sectors, including real estate and hospitality. He is a best-selling author and speaker on financial literacy. Sami believes that a lack of financial knowledge is a major issue for our generation and uses web3 technology to address this problem. 

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From Stuck to Unstuck: The Power of Self-Discovery | Amber Godfrey

16 11 22 Ted x Youth 7457BISP School Counsellor Amber Godfrey shares her personal journey of self-discovery and how she broke free from feeling stuck in her life. From navigating a toxic relationship to quitting her job and travelling the world, she shares her struggles, challenges and “aha” moments that led her to a new level of understanding and fulfilment.

Learn how to find your passion and take control of your life through practical tips and strategies.  Amber has experienced a myriad of diverse cultures and relationships. Her journey travelling the world finally led to the realisation that her purpose in life was to become a school counsellor. 

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What are the footprints that you want to see? | Emmanuel Punno


16 11 22 Ted x Youth 7498BISP Head Student Emmanuel Punno reveals the inspiration behind his sustainable agriculture project based in the Philippines. With the global rapid population growth, we are more vulnerable to famine than ever before. It’s our responsibility to mitigate this issue, but no one seems to be taking action.

His work, along with the Asia Center Foundation, seeks to revolutionise Vermiculture-based agriculture in his country. His aim is to instil a desire for sustainability in the upcoming generation.

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