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BISP’s University Counsellors recently presented to parents on ‘Student Self Advocacy’ in the university application process. If you missed the event or attended and would like to access the slides containing links for further exploration, please visit the link HERE

The next parent presentation is on Thursday, May 11th at 8:15 AM in the BISP Conference Room, and the topic is ‘Paying for University’. In this session, BISP’s University Counsellors will try to give a global overview of university costs and scholarship considerations. They plan to have some virtual representation from some admissions officers in the US and Canada. Due to the trends in where our students have gone in the past, the context of the presentation will focus a little more heavily on universities in the UK and North America.

Lastly, please take note of the dates and times of additional sessions to follow:

Upcoming University Counseling Sessions for Parents:

Paying for UniversityThursday, May 11th8:15 AM
US Applications – (Students also attend)Wednesday, May 24th 2:45 PM 
UK Applications – (Students also attend)Wednesday, June 7th2:45 PM 
Thailand Applications – In Thai language

(Students can also attend) 

Thursday, June 15th6:00 PM 

We look forward to seeing some of you there. Parents are encouraged to make individual appointments with the University Counsellors for more tailored information and discussion about their child by sending an email to [email protected]