BISP Peter Pan KS2 productionWe were so lucky to be able to give full performances of our KS2 musical Peter Pan towards the end of Term 2. We had the most dedicated cast of students new to BISP productions and those who had taken part right from their first taste of the limelight in KS1.

The story was beautifully narrated by Joe and Shula from Year 6 with Peter Pan played by Roman (Also from Year 6). Milly from the same year gave a stunning performance of her title song with twin brother Alfie warming to the role of the baddy – Captain Hook. Their performances could only be so spellbinding because of the wonderful support of the other cast members, Mrs Sherlock’s fantastic costumes, Mr Wilkinson’s arrangement of the music for our teacher Pirate band and our wonderful team of parent helpers. The production crew (Ms Baker, Ms Fudge, Mr Moore, Mrs Robinson, Ms Bolzon and Mrs Wilkinson) are so grateful for all the help we received to make this such a joyous event.

– Mrs Paulette Wilkinson, Head of Performing Arts

Watch here.

Here are the livestream links, if you wish to watch the full show:

Morning show – 30 March:

Evening show – 31 March:

Evening show – 31 March: