RelateToday on our blog we would like to introduce you to Youn and Alexandra, our two Relate leaders for the 2021-22 academic year. The Relate pillar within our Wellbeing curriculum is concerned with relationships and the school’s values of being mindful, honest, peaceful and considerate of others.

As Relate leaders, Youn and Alexandra will work collaboratively with students to form high-quality connections and look at ways to celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion amongst the student body. 



“My name is Youn and I am from France – more specifically a small island to the West of Madagascar known as Île de la Réunion. Throughout my five years at BISP, I have participated in more than 10 different extra-curricular activities, ranging from pottery and painting to swimming on our school’s swim team. I was proud of my academic results for IGCSE and have a passion for social sciences like Economics and Psychology. I hope to implement the skills I have learned in and outside the classroom within our Relate team.

“Some of my key strengths include determination, time management skills and humour. With these attributes, I am thrilled to be working with Alexandra to continue to develop our school’s happy culture. Furthermore, I hope to work closely with every individual and better our BISP community’s bonds by using Wellbeing sessions and Relate activities to develop our social groups and step out of our comfort zones.”


Alexandra“Hey, I am Alexandra. I have lived in Phuket and attended BISP for the past seven years, although originally I am from Russia. Moving to Thailand helped me broaden my perspective and become a more culturally educated person. Not only has BISP helped me become a good international student, but it has also given me many opportunities to try things that I would never have been able to do, or at least never would have thought of doing. My main interests are the Aerial Arts. I have been involved in the programme since it started when I was in Year 8 and I’m extremely happy to see how far it has come. I have also participated in a couple of productions and even if I am not participating, I am always there to help out with things like makeup or lighting.

“Even though now I am in a much better place regarding my own mental health, I am hoping that my past experiences will help guide people who are struggling. I am always willing to talk and give advice to anyone who might need it, not only as Head of the Relate team, but as just a person you know you can rely on for help. My hope for the future is that as a community we will be more united. If you ever feel alone or unheard there will always be a person who you know you can talk to with us.”

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