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We are pleased to introduce the Arthit Ourairat Institution (AOI) Webinar Series, an initiative to share best practices and reinforce the high educational standards that govern each of the AOI schools through a series of live talks. 

These webinars feature presentations by our experienced educators, as leaders in education, offering valuable insights and innovative strategies to enhance learning. Our sessions will provide parents and educators with the knowledge and insight they need to ensure that the children in their care receive the best quality education.

The AOI webinars will cover a broad range of topics from Teaching Pedagogy to Early Years Learning, Activities and Sports, Student Wellbeing, University Counselling and Post-secondary Preparation. Each topic will be delivered by experienced and qualified staff from each of our AOI schools while sharing industry best practices and the various delivery models implemented in the specific contexts of each school, to ensure a diverse range of perspectives and expertise.

In our first three sessions, we will discuss: 

Join us in this journey of professional growth and educational excellence. Follow AOI YouTube Channel: and stay tuned for our upcoming sessions as we deliver the AOI Webinar Series, a new era of education.