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On our most recent Wellbeing Day on Tuesday 2nd April, Year 10 students took the reins and initiative to organise a Mental Wellbeing Fair, welcoming peers from Years 4, 9, and 11. The event provided a platform for our students to explore and embrace essential aspects of mental wellbeing positively and practically.

The Year 10 cohort worked together in teams to delve into a wide range of meaningful topics, from resilience and body positivity to supporting friends in crisis, developing a growth mindset and breaking down stigmas, to empower their peers to prioritise their mental wellbeing.

One of the standout features of the fair was the entertaining hands-on activities and demonstrations designed to engage and educate attendees. Participants bravely dipped their feet into the mini ice bath to experience firsthand the invigorating effects of cold exposure on mental resilience. Others had fun in the self-esteem photo booth, added to the ‘About Me’ board and popped an anxiety balloon or two. All of these activities encouraged students to celebrate their individuality and uniqueness. The crochet corner and origami station provided more tranquil spaces for creativity, promoting mindfulness and relaxation.

Furthermore, students had the chance to explore the transformative power of journaling and affirmation cards, learning how these simple practices can nurture gratitude, self-reflection, and a positive outlook. 

The success of the Mental Wellbeing Fair demonstrates the hard work, creativity and collaboration of our students as well as the importance of student-led initiatives in making BISP a supportive and nurturing environment.