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The 2023 Year 11 End-of-Year Dinner, held at the Outrigger Hotel Surin Beach on Friday 9th June, was an unforgettable evening of celebration. It marked the culmination of the IGCSE journey for a remarkable and hardworking year group and was well-attended by both students and staff.

The event included a series of captivating student performances, which showcased the diverse musical talents within the year group. The room was filled with a sense of pride and admiration as students entertained their peers. Additionally, a vibrant photo booth provided the perfect setting for creating lasting memories. Students, dressed in their finest attire and utilising props, seized the opportunity to capture fun and candid moments with friends. In addition, each student received a “funny award” during the evening. These light-hearted accolades brought laughter and a real sense of friendship among the year group.

The success of the event was made possible by the meticulous planning and coordination of the dedicated Year 11 Student Representatives: Miyuka, Inthikan, Hyunseok, Boonsiri, and Ember, alongside the Head of Upper School, Mr. Tim Pearson, and Assistant Head of Upper School, Mrs. Gemma Clark. Their unwavering efforts ensured that every aspect of the evening, from the performances to the photo booth and the entertaining awards, were flawlessly executed. An additional thanks to the BDE and Marketing team for managing the logistics and capturing the event. 

The 2023 Year 11 End-of-Year Dinner was a fitting conclusion to an intense period of IGCSE examinations. As this exceptional group of students now embark on the next phase of their academic journeys, the memories and friendships forged during their time together at IGCSE level are sure to last a lifetime.