Our Year 9 students took part in an IGCSE Subject Selection Fair this week, delivered by our Year 12 students in the auditorium.

Hosted by our Upper School team of Mr Pearson and Mrs Clark, the fair was an opportunity for our Year 9 students to explore the different subjects and courses offered at BISP at IGCSE level (Year 10-11). 

Arranged in small groups, the Year 9 students moved from one subject presentation to the next, asking questions and gathering information as they went.

“Having recently completed the IGCSE course themselves, the Year 12 students were in a prime position to share their experiences and give advice to their younger peers,” said Mrs Clark. “Thank you to the brilliant and energetic group of Year 12s for supporting our Year 9 students through this process and delivering such a fantastic fair.”

Information on the IGCSE programme at BISP and the 2022-2024 IGCSE subject blocks can be found in our IGCSE Subject Selection Guidebook.

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