After seven months and 170 hours of work, six Year 13 students have created a virtual tour of BISP using the game creation engine, Roblox Studio.

The virtual tour was a CAS (creativity, activity, service) project – as well as a “passion project” – for Year 13 students Scooter, Felix, Kevin, Min Ha, Hopper and Wind. 

“Our aim was to create a virtual tour of our school to showcase our facilities to new students and foreigners,” said the team. “We want people to get a sense of what it’s like to study at our beloved school and also create a lasting memory for our alumni.

“We hope the tour will also help current students who may have trouble finding their way around the school. Many young people, from 8 to 18-year-olds, make up a big demographic of Roblox users.”

All IB students at BISP undertake a group project for CAS which is a minimum of a month-long. The students spent many hours taking photos of the school campus, drawing, downloading appropriate software, learning how to use Roblox Studio and Lua C (coding language), and applying their learned skills in order to complete the virtual tour. They also had to carefully plan their schedules so they could all work on the project at the same time.

Check out their amazing creative work below. Well done Scooter, Felix, Kevin, Min Ha, Hopper and Wind!


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