In the first week of the new academic year, the Year 6 students created a ‘Museum About Me’ exhibition. The exhibition coincided with the Year 6 Meet the Teacher morning, where parents were invited to meet their child’s new teacher. The exhibition was a way for students to talk to other students about themselves and also learn about their classmates.

“We really wanted to get to know the students and find out about their skills, interests, and achievements,” commented Year 6 Teacher and Year Group Leader, Mrs. Melissa Hewison.

During the event, each student prepared a small exhibition of 5-10 items with placards to explain each item, to share with their teachers, peers, and parents. The students decided what they wanted to include in their ‘Museum About Me.’ There was a lovely mix of items celebrating each student’s unique and special achievements, including baby photos, family photos, important moments in their lives, items from their home country or heritage, trophies, medals, artwork, crafts and special keepsakes from loved ones.

It was a creative and special way to kick off the school year, allowing students to get to know and appreciate each other, and for the teachers to get to know the new Year 6 cohort while building a sense of community and belonging.