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At BISP we are committed to nurturing wellbeing within our community. A strong wellbeing foundation leads to a purposeful, balanced and productive learning community, where we can all thrive and flourish.

Our school counselling team provides support to students across the school. Specifically, our counsellors provide a high-quality counselling service to students who experience a wide range of social and emotional challenges and are on different academic and future pathways. Support is also available for parents, guardians and carers. Where possible we can work with translators or other local services to better support individual needs. 

Together the team works with the Primary and Secondary School teams, to support teachers and parents. The counselling services at BISP contribute to our wider safeguarding measures to promote the safety, wellbeing and personal care of children and young people. 

Meet the 2023/24 BISP Counselling Team:

Amber Godfrey

Amber is the School Counselling Coordinator at BISP. This is her fourth year at BISP and her seventh year in the field of Counselling.
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Tom Bell

Tom recently joined BISP as a School Counsellor. Tom is a licensed clinical social worker who has been working in the field of mental health for over 15 years with particular experience in working with teens and adults.
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Dr. Helene Laurent-Oliver

Helene is a clinical psychologist working with the BISP Counselling and Learning Support teams. Helene specialises in child and adolescent mental health, family dynamics, managing major transitions and positive psychology.
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Amy Pothong

Amy recently joined as a personal and college counsellor at BISP. As a licensed counsellor and a college adviser, her role often involves identifying concerns, brainstorming potential strategies and working with individuals to find the best ways to support them academically, socially, or in exploring post-BISP options.
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Philip Tucker

Phil is a University Counsellor at BISP. He joined BISP as Head of Humanities, becoming additionally involved in University Counselling in 2018 before taking up his new full-time counselling role in August 2022.
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