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Year 8 students Eileen and Heather have just become a whole lot wiser after competing in the international finale of the 2021 Wild Wisdom Challenge – an online quiz organised by the World Wildlife Fund that took students on a journey of exploration and understanding about how to build a sustainable planet.

More than 500 students in Years 6 to 9 from across the globe advanced to last week’s final after taking part in the qualifying round in November.  

The theme of this year’s challenge was ‘Life on Our Planet – A Hope for Future Generations’. The quiz questions were based on the messages and themes within the David Attenborough film and the link to Attenborough was one of the main reasons Eileen and Heather wanted to take part after seeing the quiz advertised in the student notices.

“I’ve been a fan of David Attenborough for a while so I thought, why not give it a go,” said Heather. 

“We were asked lots of different questions about wildlife. I remember there was a question asking what the 4 R’s are – (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and Rot.) Another one asked what coral gets its colour from. There were multiple choice answers that you could pick from and at the bottom of the page there was a fifteen-second countdown to answer each question,” commented Heather.

Eileen was also drawn to the Challenge because of Attenborough’s involvement. “I’ve seen some of his documentaries before and they have always made me feel so guilty. When I saw this I thought it might be a chance to help actually do something, so I decided to join the quiz. I didn’t know that there would be a final. I learnt so much from this and I am so glad I did it,” she said. 

​​BISP Humanities teacher, Mrs Duncan, commented: “Eileen and Heather did a great job, basically under their own steam. Hopefully, their participation will inspire other students to get involved next year.”

Congratulations to Eileen and Heather and thank you for representing BISP so well! 

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