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Four talented Year 6 students from BISP represented our school at the Primary FOBISIA Maths Competition held over three days at Singapore International School, Bangkok. Anna-Irina, Matvei, Kim Eng and Noah, accompanied by Mr. Lord and Mrs. Hewison, took part in the challenging maths competitions held over two days, which included five rounds of different formats, such as the Maths Mastermind Round, Maths Amazing Race, a 90-minute individual test, Digital Code Cracking and a live Buzzer Round.

The students showcased their exceptional maths skills, both individually and as a team, and upheld the school’s core values of Respect, Compassion and Integrity throughout the competition. Matvei’s Rubix Cube-solving talent shone during the talent show at the closing dinner, impressing the audience and earning him well-deserved recognition.

While the competition was fierce, with participating schools from all over Asia, for the BISP teachers and students involved, it was exciting to see so many competitors from different FOBISIA schools interacting with each other and forming friendships around their passion for mathematics.

Overall, the Primary FOBISIA Maths Competition was a resounding success for BISP’s students, and the experience will undoubtedly inspire them to pursue their love of maths further.