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BISP is pleased to introduce our Key Stage 3 Student Leaders for the academic year 2023. These young leaders exemplify the qualities of kindness, positivity, and a genuine desire to make our school a better place for everyone. Let’s meet the outstanding individuals who will be leading their peers in Years 7 to 9.

Year 7 

Student Leaders: Noah and Eva

Colour Team Leaders: Catalina and Anna Irina

“Noah, Eva, Catalina and Anna Irina, our Year 7 leaders, are enthusiastic about helping people and making our school a better place. 

Year 8 

StudentLeaders: Reilly and Elina

Colour Team Leaders: Anton and Bambi (Nathida)

“Reilly, Elina, Anton and Bambi, our Year 8 leaders, bring a passion for positive change.

Year 9 

Student Leaders: Jakrii and Irene

Colour Team Leaders: Issa and Milla

Jakrii, Irene, Issa and Milla, our Year 9 leaders, aim to make a significant difference in our BISP community. 

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Each of these student leaders has a unique perspective on why they applied for a leadership position and what they look forward to the most in their role. Let’s hear directly from some of them:

“Because I love to help people and I love to make our school better. The student leader should be kind, happy, helpful, and a strong person to stand up for a person.” – Eva Year 7 Student Leader

“To make a difference and have something to put on my CV. Helping students with problems that are troubling them and others.” – Jakrii, Year 9 Student Leader

“I am most looking forward to being a great, honest, positive, and accountable leader for everyone in KS3 and improving everything that needs improving.” – Elina, Year 8 Student Leader

“To make this school happier and to make this school more fun.” – Noah, Year 7 Student Leader

“I applied for a student leadership position as I would like to create better changes to the school. I want everyone in the school community to have the best middle school experience.” – Reilly, Year 8 Student Leader

“I am looking forward to camp and house competitions since I can encourage people to come out of their comfort zones and push and believe in themselves.” – Keawalin(Irene) Year 9 Student Leader

“One of my favourite quotes is “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” This role means a lot to me since we need to be able to work effectively with others, have responsibilities, and have the confidence to keep going. To be a successful and effective team, we must be disciplined, kind, helpful, and well-organised. ” – Bambi Year 8 Colour Leader

These student leaders have embarked on a journey to contribute positively to our school, and we can’t wait to witness the positive impact they will make on the BISP community. Join us in congratulating Noah, Eva, Reilly, Elina, Jakrii, and Irene as they take on the responsibilities of being Key Stage 3 Student Leaders, as well as Catalina, Anna Irina, Anton, Bambi, Issa and Milla as they represent as colour Team leaders in their respective year groups. We look forward to a year filled with growth, collaboration, and success with them.