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Year 13 Mandarin B and Ab Initio Chinese students at BISP recently embarked on a delicious journey into Chinese culture, learning the art of making Tang yuan, traditional sweet dumplings enjoyed during the Winter Solstice Festival.

As the students enjoyed their creations, they learned about the symbolism of Tang yuan, which represents family and togetherness. For BISP Year 13 student Jennie, the experience held deeper meaning.

“Making Tang yuan in our Year 13 Mandarin B and Ab Initio Chinese class was a great experience, especially considering its significance during the Winter Solstice. As a part of Chinese culture, it’s traditionally prepared during the Winter Solstice, symbolising family unity and reunion. Having a Chinese background myself, it felt like discovering a new layer of my culture. It was a fun way to dive into traditions I hadn’t really explored and made me feel more connected to where I come from.” – BISP Year 13 Student Jennie

The activity was a delightful way to end the year and celebrate the upcoming holiday season.