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In a display of teamwork and generosity, the Year 12 CAS students, with the support of their fellow students and staff, came together to host a charity fundraiser that exceeded all expectations. The event, which included a dress-up day and various competitions, not only brought joy to the school community but also made a significant impact on Yaowawit School, a cause close to their hearts.

One of the highlights of the fundraiser was the sweet jar guessing game, which saw Niomi from Year 13 emerge as the winner. Her guess of 380 sweets came close to the actual count of 407. It was a fun and engaging way to involve everyone in the charity effort. Another sweet incentive was to participate in golf, basketball, and penalty shoot-out competitions where lucky winners had the opportunity to collect 200 THB vouchers from BAKE. 

Additionally, Year 13 student Charlize provided a candy floss machine, which played a pivotal role in making this event a sweet success. The success of this fundraiser is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the Year 12 CAS students and teachers with the support from the BISP janitors and the events team who organised the event and put in tireless efforts to ensure its success. 

The funds raised, which currently stand at over 20,000 THB, will go toward equipping Yaowawit School with much-needed fans, desks, and chairs, improving the learning environment for the students there. As the community comes together for a good cause, the Year 12 CAS students are not resting on their laurels. The Year 12 CAS students have set their sights on a new goal of raising 40,000 THB before trips week, promising even more exciting fundraising events on the horizon.

This successful charity fundraiser showcases the power of collective effort and the impact a small group of dedicated individuals can make. It’s not just about the funds raised; it’s about the spirit of giving and making a positive change in the world. The Year 12 CAS students have set a shining example for us all, and their dedication to helping others is truly inspiring.