In term one BISP Year 6 students worked in groups to create paintings inspired by Niuean Artist John Pule. Pule is a prominent Pacific Artist and Poet. In 2012, he was awarded an ONZM (Officer of the said Order) for services as an author, poet and painter in the Queen’s Birthday Honours. He is inspired by the small Pacific nation of Niue and celebrates the life and culture of his people in his art. 

Each group was given a large canvas and some examples of Pule’s work to design their own tropical scene. Colours were limited to blues and greens and the students were given orange, white and yellow to use as highlights.  

Each painting is extremely unique and demonstrates the students’ ability to collaborate and explore their vivid imaginations. I am extremely proud of their work and hope you enjoy them. 

– Stacey Hildreth | BISP Teacher of Art and Design

You can see the students’ artwork displayed around various areas of the Primary campus.