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On 2nd May 2024, the BISP hosted the 5th annual Mid-Air Circus Arts Junior Aerial Championships (MACAJAC), marking a significant milestone with the largest turnout to date. This year’s competition saw 76 young aerialists converge at BISP, showcasing their extraordinary talents and dedication to the art of aerial acrobatics.

The competition, which began with just 26 competitors in its first year, has grown exponentially over the years, with last year hosting 61 participants. This year, the event welcomed participants from as far as Bangkok and Koh Samui, highlighting the growing popularity and recognition of aerial arts within the region and beyond.

MACAJAC is a platform for young aerialists aged 6 to 19 to demonstrate their skills, gain recognition for their hard work, and further develop their talents. The competition is divided into three categories: Cubs division (4-8 years old), Junior division (9-12 years old), and Youth division (13-19 years old), allowing a wide range of young performers to participate and compete.

The event featured a panel of four distinguished judges, each bringing their unique expertise to the competition:

  • Sarah Scott: Renowned for her work in Pole and Aerial Arts.
  • Cyrene Noret: Esteemed in Dance and Aerial Arts.
  • Caro Debras: Expert in Gymnastics and Aerial Arts.
  • Coach Nid: Veteran in Gymnastics.

Winners of Each Category:

Cubs Division:
  1. Amitabha Hannah Spires (Bangkok)
  2. Louna Higelin (Koh Samui, Airgym)
  3. Kiana Lambert (BISP, MACA)
Junior Division, Silks:
  1. Isabella (Bella) Mialkos (BISP, MACA)
  2. Ella Schnitman (Koh Samui, Airgym)
  3. Lara Buesching (BISP, MACA)
Junior Division, Hammock: The largest category with 36 competitors.
  1. Pichachom Jinasun (Bangkok)
  2. Alessia Santinelli (Koh Samui, Airgym)
  3. Rino Hayashi (BISP, MACA)
Youth Division, Hammock:
  1. Mariia Briginskaia and Agnia Sapozhnikova (BISP, MACA)
  2. Valeriya Vetolskaya
Youth Division, Silks:
  1. Zara Meza Delarue
  2. Chanita Taraporn
  3. Maya Alkan

The Mid-Air Circus Arts Junior Aerial Championships continue to be a beacon of inspiration and excellence, nurturing young aerialists and encouraging them to reach new heights. The success of this year’s event reflects the growing passion and talent within the aerial arts community and sets the stage for even greater achievements in the future. Congratulations to all the participants and winners for their remarkable performances and dedication. We look forward to seeing even more incredible displays of talent at next year’s competition!