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BISP is immensely proud and excited to introduce the MACA Aerial Performance Academy (APA) High-Performance team. The journey began seven years ago when Mid-Air Circus Arts (MACA) introduced aerial arts classes to the BISP community and today they have reached an incredible milestone. 

Back then, eight students were chosen to participate in our first aerial arts class and they laid the foundation for what has become a thriving and passionate aerial arts community. Fast forward to today, the MACA Aerial Performance Academy has grown to encompass approximately 120 students who have all embarked on a journey into the captivating world of aerial arts. They’ve learnt to defy gravity, express themselves and pursue their passion on various aerial equipment, such as aerial hammock and silks. 

From these 120 students, seven of our most dedicated and skilled students have been selected to be part of the MACA APA High-Performance team. We celebrate this remarkable achievement as this talented group of individuals who have undergone extensive training and practice to develop the necessary skills and strength required for performing an aerial arts routine. This includes strength training, flexibility and mastering specific aerial techniques. Their journey reflects dedication, perseverance and a relentless pursuit of excellence and personal growth. 

Congratulations to our MACA Aerial Performance Academy (APA) High Performance team and we look forward to seeing you soar as you follow your passion.