Year 10 recently had the opportunity to showcase their talents and friendly competition in an event called ‘The Amazing Race’ during their Wellbeing period. Divided into tutor groups, the students participated in a series of four diverse challenges that put their mental and physical abilities to the test.

The Code Breaking Challenge required students to decode messages using various ciphers and encryption techniques. This activity tested the students’ problem-solving and analytical skills, as they worked together to unravel the mystery.

Next came ‘Balloon Volleyball’, where the teams had to keep as many balloons as possible in the air while trying to score points against their opponents. This activity tested the students’ coordination, agility and team-building skills, as they had to work together to achieve their common goal.

‘Team Jigsaw Challenges’ was the third activity, where the teams had to put together puzzles in the quickest time. This activity tested the students’ communication and collaboration skills, as they had to coordinate to ensure efficiency in correctly fitting puzzle pieces together against the ticking clock.

The final challenge was the ‘Paper Tower Challenge’, where the teams had to build the tallest tower possible using only sheets of paper and tape. This activity tested the students’ creativity and engineering skills, as they needed to come up with innovative designs to build the most stable and sturdy tower.

Throughout the event, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and friendly competition as the students unleashed their competitive sides. Congratulations to Mr Herman’s Tutor Group, 10D, who emerged victorious, however, all teams were motivated to perform to the best of their ability and deserve a round of applause for their effort and participation.