We are proud to present the BISP Sports Award Primary School recipients for the 2022/23 academic year:

614A6096U11 Sportswoman of the Year 2022/23 – Anna

This young lady has excelled in multiple sports this year. Her determination and desire to succeed are reflected in her ‘never give up’ attitude. Anna has represented the school in swimming, athletics, tennis, and football with great success. Her effort and attitude in Physical Education lessons have been exemplary. 


614A6094U11 BISP Sportsmanship Award 2022/23 – Yaya

This young lady has been a wonderful example of what positive sportsmanship is all about. She always listens and respects her teachers and her coaches. It is great to see the growth Yaya has shown developing confidence and leadership in the pool and on the pitch. Yaya is hard-working and does everything with a shy smile. She is always the first to say thank you and shows respect at all times. A talented athlete, Yaya has a bright future ahead of her.


614A5894Under 11 BISP Sportsmanship Award 2022/23- Julian

Julian always demonstrated leadership qualities and is a fine example of dedication, commitment, and effort. Julian’s positive attitude is always on display. He constantly looks for opportunities to role model fairness and commitment.




Under 11 BISP Athlete of the Year 2022/23 – Charoen

Charoen has shown great competitive ability, effort, and courage in the face of challenges on the pitch. His skills are fundamental in helping his team in training and tournaments. Charoen’s commitment and passion have helped him maintain a high standard of performance all year.



Stay tuned this week as we proudly to present the BISP Sports Award recipients for the 2022/23 academic year.