bisp community at beach clean up layan beachBISP Students, teachers and their families headed over to clean up Layan Beach last Sunday 29th September.
Eco@BISP, CAS, Primary and Boarding organised a beach clean up to celebrate and support World Cleanup Day 2019, along with millions of others in 158 countries across the globe.
The enthusiastic group scoured the beach & vegetation for plastic and other trash. They managed to collect a staggering pile of rubbish which included some very peculiar finds: a headless teddy bear; some dentures; and a blood-sugar finger prick with an exposed needle!
bisp community at beach clean up layan beachThe event helped raise awareness about disposing of trash properly and minimising waste production. The school community says ‘NO’ to straws, plastic bags and plastic packaging whenever possible. Everyone appreciated the clean up, which was a successful effort on everyone’s part.