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BISP Students achieved remarkable success at the 2023 Youth Chinese Culture Art Competition. Lily, a Year 3 BISP student, along with her proud parents, attended the prestigious award ceremony held in LuoHe City, China, in August on behalf of the BISP community.

The event marked a significant milestone for BISP, as the school garnered both individual and collective recognition. Lily and her parents proudly accepted awards on behalf of the numerous BISP winners. The exceptional talent demonstrated by BISP’s young artists was not only acknowledged through individual awards but also celebrated collectively. BISP was bestowed with the “Excellent Organization Award” for its commendable participation in the competition, further cementing the school’s commitment to fostering artistic growth and creativity among its students.

This triumph was made possible by the proactive involvement of Mrs McGuigan, BISP Head of Faculty Art and Design as well as parents within the BISP community. Their inspired initiative resulted in an impressive total of 79 entries submitted to the competition. Among these submissions, an impressive 39 pieces of artwork were selected as finalists. These standout creations will be prominently displayed in LuoHe City from August 15, 2023, following the award ceremony.

The competition spanned two age categories: 3 to 14 years old and 15 to 18 years old. In the former category, 32 works of art were submitted, while the latter BISP boasted 47 submissions. BISP takes immense pride in nurturing the budding artistic potential of its students and is proud that these young artists received the recognition they deserve.

The award ceremony, which took place on August 17, 2023, was hosted by the Painting and Calligraphy Working Committee of the China Cultural Management Association. It was organised in collaboration with various esteemed institutions, including the Luohe Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, Luohe Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Luohe Municipal Education Bureau, and more. This event, known as the “Cultural China Youth Tour 2023 National Youth Painting and Calligraphy Inheritance Conference,” showcased the vibrant artistic heritage of LuoHe City.

LuoHe, renowned as the birthplace of Chinese characters, stands as a beacon of cultural significance. The city’s commitment to preserving and developing traditional arts aligns harmoniously with BISP’s dedication to inspiring learning and igniting passion. As the curtains drew to a close on the award ceremony, the legacy of these young artists continues to shine, contributing to the cultural mosaic of both BISP and the vibrant tapestry of LuoHe’s artistic heritage.

Congratulations to all the young artists who made this recognition possible and a heartfelt thanks to Lily and her parents for representing BISP at this prestigious event. Read more: