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By Jon Clark BISP Head of Computer Science and Technology Integration

At BISP, we’re shaping a new generation of innovators and problem solvers. This vision was vividly brought to life during our recent Robotics Day, an entire day devoted to the VEX IQ and VRC robotics programs in our Secondary School. Under the guidance of Jon Clark, Patrick Kennedy, Johnny Man, and Andrew Chambers, our robotics students dove deep into the world of robotics, honing their skills in design and construction.

The challenge of robotics design and building is formidable, requiring a unique mix of problem-solving, creativity, and dedication. Our Secondary robotics students rose to the occasion, dedicating their day to refining and advancing their robotic creations. The air buzzed with the sound of motors and the energy of collaborative learning, as students tackled complex design issues and explored innovative solutions.

While this day was focused on our Secondary robotics students, the seeds of these skills are planted much earlier. Kate Tucker spearheads the robotics activities in Primary School, laying a solid foundation in robotics that our students build upon as they progress to more complex challenges in Secondary School.

The excitement at BISP is building as we look forward to the upcoming scrimmage in December and the national competition in Bangkok in February. Our students, having honed their skills and robots, are eagerly anticipating competing against over 40 other teams, ready to demonstrate their progress and innovation in the field of robotics.

Our heartfelt thanks to BISP Parent Mr. Victor Shabourov for his crucial role in advancing our computer science and robotics initiatives. Through Mr. Shabourov’s generous donations, we’ve been able to provide students with cutting-edge technology and educational resources, shaping a brighter future in these dynamic fields. The Shabourov family’s commitment to education and innovation is making a lasting impact, and we are truly grateful for their ongoing support.

At BISP, our Robotics Day is more than just an event; it’s a testament to our commitment to educating future leaders in technology and innovation. We’re not just teaching students how to build robots; we’re equipping them with the skills, confidence, and curiosity to navigate and contribute to a technologically advanced future.