bisp grads happy green world 2019 2BISP graduates from last year were invited to speak about their IB CAS project at the “Community Collaboration to Reduce Waste in Koh Sirey” workshop. This event was hosted by APEN (Asia Pacific Environmental Network), the Ratsada Government and the Australian Government in Westin Koh Sirey.

Claudia, Unn and World were introduced by BISP’s Extended Curriculum Coordinator David Berman, who helped oversee the project. The alumni spoke in Thai and English about their project ‘Happy Green World’, which revolves around practical activities that reduce, re-use and recycle waste. It was previously featured on a Phuket News podcast as well.
bisp grads happy green world 2019 1 1The trio delivered an impressive presentation highlighting a clear vision of how it can, with support, improve environmental education among the Phuket, Koh Sirey and Ratsada communities. Special guest Vice Mayor of Ratsada, Pawat Supasuwan, was very appreciative of the presentation and Saurabh Gupta from Earth 5R, one of the world’s largest citizen-led environmental movements, emphasized on the aim to identify how everyone can contribute to reduce waste in the region.
As the presentation ended, guests complimented the students on their hard work and inquired on how to implement the program into their own communities.