Students in Primary and Secondary have recently enjoyed ‘Hour of Code’ activities across multiple subjects, part of an annual worldwide effort to celebrate Computer Science and to nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. 

In Key Stage 2, children attended special Hour of Code sessions in the library over two days. Mr Wilson and Ms Louise led students through an Escape Room activity, which saw them attempt to solve puzzles, uncover clues, and crack codes to progress through the game and ultimately escape. The children also spent time coding in the ‘Battle of the Robots’, playing offline coding games and programming online using iPads. 

In Secondary music, our students made tuneful beats using code with coding platform CodeHS and in Maths, Year 7 students coded a variety of platform-style games.

In Secondary Computer Science, students have been solving various challenges using code. At Key Stage 3, students have been developing their understanding of the Python Programming language and have been creative with Physical Programming using BBC Micro:Bits. IGCSE students have been doing some more advanced algorithmic thinking and Python programming. At IB level students have been solving Genetic Algorithm problems using Java and Python, in addition to their own personal projects, including an Augmented Reality Sandbox incorporating XBOX Kinect 3D mapping sensors.

BISP’s Head of Computer Science, Mr Clark, commented, “This has been another successful Hour of Code week at BISP. It was wonderful to see students really enjoying the extra opportunity to practice their problem-solving skills using code.

“Computer Science is an increasingly popular pathway for students at BISP, both at IGCSE and IB with many students going on to further study of Computer Science at university. I believe this is a sound choice for the right student as Computer Science is an exciting field in which graduates are in ever-increasing demand, to the extent that many students are offered jobs before even completing their studies. Even for those who do not pursue the subject as a vocation, logical thinking, problem-solving and an understanding of the modern world are all skills that are heavily in demand by employers.”

Well done to all our students who got involved in this year’s Hour of Code!

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