SeaKeepers came to Phuket and visited BISP a few years ago for ECO Week.  They brought a marine biologist from Singapore and ran educational sessions with our Year 9 students and BISP parents on the topic of Climate Change and the impact on coral reefs. This was a one-hour lecture that concluded with a practical activity.
The marine biologist worked with our science and humanities departments to put on this session, pulling on information from topics covered already in our classes. The students watched and discussed a video called the ‘Losing Nemo Project’, which talks about the impact that fishing and people are having on our oceans.
BISP’s Assistant Head of Middle School, Mrs Duncan said, “The students really benefited from having a chance to hear directly from and speak in-person to a marine biologist who is currently working in the field to protect coral reefs in South East Asia. They learned about the threats coral reefs are facing and enjoyed the hands-on science experiments presented by the team which re-enforced their learning. Overall the visit was a great success.”

In support of SeaKeepers, we are pleased to share with you the latest video in their mini-series on Ocean Conservation and Education. Visit to learn more.