bisp mathematics early entry IGCSE students results 2019BISP’s top set Mathematics students took their IGCSE Cambridge Mathematics examinations one year early and the class achieved some outstanding results.

Twelve students took the exams and received 8 A*s and 4 As. The overall class average was an incredible 93% and the top two students, Oak and Scooter, scored 99.5% and 98.5% respectively.

Mr Griffin, Head of Mathematics at British International School, Phuket commented, “This is the first time our accelerated class has taken the examination in May, a whole year early, and produced our best ever results. Well done to the class, their hard work paid off!

The class is now continuing to study even more demanding mathematics by following the Cambridge Additional Mathematics syllabus. This will allow them to study mathematics at IB level to help prepare them for Year 12.