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On the afternoon of Wednesday, 24th August, 2022, BISP held its annual Secondary Activities & CAS Fair, where students had the opportunity to see the variety of activities on offer. Ranging from our Academy sports of Football, Tennis, Swimming and Golf to more specialist offerings such as Robotics STEAM, Fantasy Investing, Open Art Studio and Badminton to name a few. This year there were over 60 sessions offered throughout the Secondary school alone and the students truly have the chance to follow their passion.

The CAS Fair section provided a platform for Year 13 students to showcase their student-led service learning initiatives as part of the fair. Through the various CAS Activities, the senior students can encourage our younger students and the wider school community to be more active in bringing about positive change in Phuket. 

The CAS: Creativity, Action and Service module is a core component of the IB programme. CAS  and Service at BISP is particularly notable for its wide range of projects, allowing students to pursue and further their interests, and to instil passion into their service projects. 

In addition to the students’ projects, we hosted guests from outside of school to foster an awareness within the BISP community of the fantastic effort and work of the various Child Welfare groups, Charities, Animal Welfare Groups, Environmental Groups, and NGO’s who are all actively engaged in positive action and social change on Phuket Island. The organisations that attended were; Shark Guardians, Sustainable Mai Khao, Phuket Has Been Good to Us, SOS Village, Scholars for Sustenance, Precious Plastics, Blue Tree, Phuket Sunshine Village, Asia Centre Foundation, and Mai Khao Turtle Foundation. 

All extracurricular programmes resumed in Week 3 and the BISP campus was abuzz with engagement and activity. It’s great to see the students getting to enjoy the amazing and numerous options on offer.