276998984 486096049962351 8119028916501716539 nAs part of their IB CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) project, five BISP students attended the Appreciation Ceremony for Less Plastic Phuket event on 4th April hosted by Prince Songkla University. The BISP students showcased the Thai version of the Happy Green World program. The most recent work with the program has been done with the Mai Khao schools through a connection with Sustainable Mai Khao.

The local project was started as the result of hard work by the school’s IB CAS students led by Mr Berman in 2018, who translated the English version of the Happy Green World program into Thai language in order to empower and equip Thai schools with the resources to begin conversations and learning geared at helping change the way young children think about dealing with waste. The program consists of a student book, a teacher’s guide and a board game. The trio hopes that through their efforts and involvement at this event and others like it; they can continue to empower and educate students, teachers and the community about waste, water and energy moving to a sustainable future. Through the support of the Phuket Hotels Association and sponsorship of the Tourism Authority of Thailand the program has been rolled out to local schools throughout Phuket.

For more information on the overall progress of the program and other updates, or if you would like to sponsor a district or school, please email Mr. Berman