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The recent blood drive hosted by BISP  on 26 April was a remarkable success, thanks to the overwhelming support and generosity of our community members. With your participation, promotion, and care we achieved a significant milestone.

We are immensely grateful for the care and support provided to the blood donors by our Year 12 and 13 CAS students who assisted with registration, usering and ensuring everyone was comfortable during the process. A total of 51 individuals supported this noble cause, contributing to the collection of 42 blood bags. Although nine individuals didn’t pass the screening, the enthusiasm and dedication shown by everyone were truly commendable. We also thank the Phuket Red Cross for their commitment and hard work.

The event received special recognition and praise from the Phuket House member of the representative and the Phuket Red Cross, highlighting the impact and importance of such initiatives in our community. 

Thank you to all who contributed, especially our student volunteers whose involvement is a testament to their dedication to creating positive change. By organising and participating in such initiatives, they showcase leadership, teamwork and a deep sense of community responsibility.