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As we celebrate the achievements of our graduating seniors from the Class of 2024, we reflect on the diverse talents and aspirations that define our students’ journeys at BISP. Here are some inspiring stories of some of our Class of 2024 graduates:

  1. Charlize: Embracing a cinematic journey in film production with creativity and empathy. Read more
  2. Charlotte: Shining on the stage and beyond with talent and leadership. Read more
  3. Clemence: Navigating the rich tapestry of history and politics with academic excellence. Read more
  4. Destiny: Transforming lives through engineering and business with determination and vision. Read more
  5. Idris: Exploring the depths of psychology with leadership and dedication. Read more
  6. Imogen: Embracing interdisciplinary learning with enthusiasm and curiosity. Read more
  7. James: Cultivating excellence in business management with integrity and hard work. Read more
  8. Jennie: Inspiring change through medicine with leadership and community impact. Read more
  9. Joshua: Navigating the complexities of economics with analytical skills and leadership. Read more
  10. Klara: Embarking on a journey into the world of classics with dedication and passion. Read more
  11. Lauren: Pursuing success in liberal arts with a passion for sports and academics. Read more
  12. Mai: Inspiring future generations through teaching with creativity and compassion. Read more
  13. Matteo: Leading the world of business administration with creativity and determination. Read more
  14. Mikhail: Continuing his academic journey in Physics or Computer Science. Read more
  15. Mint: Embarking on an architectural journey with creativity and leadership. Read more
  16. Naomi: A dedicated House Captain with a passion for science and education. Read more
  17. Phoebe (Lin): Immersing into the world of psychology and law with passion and intellect. Read more
  18. Rithwik: Engineering a future of innovation with passion and problem-solving skills. Read more
  19. Xinglei: Blending business and agriculture at university with dedication and insight. Read more
  20. Yamato: Tackling global issues through global studies and social entrepreneurship. Read more

Join us in congratulating these exceptional individuals and the entire Class of 2024 as they step into the next chapter of their lives, ready to make a positive impact on the world and become the leaders for tomorrow. Congratulations BISP Class of 2024!