From 2017

British International School, Phuket

‘Breakers Cup’

Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th December 2018

British International School, Phuket
American School Bangkok
Bangkok Prep, Thailand
British School Manila
Marlborough College Malaysia
Satree Phuket School, Thailand
Phuket Thai Hua
The International School @ ParkCity, Malaysia
Yangon Academy International School, Myanmar

Sunday Entertainment

The British International School Phuket welcomes you all to the third annual U19 Breakers Cup Basketball tournament. This year we welcome teams from schools in Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Planning has been underway for several months and we do hope to make this a memorable experience for your players.

We wish all our visiting players and coaches the best of luck for the tournament and an enjoyable and safe stay on our island province.

TimeCourt 1Court 2
8.30-9.20amBISP v ISPYAIS v ASB
9.20-10.15amBISP v MCMASB v B.PREP
10.15-11.05amBSM v ISPSPS v ASB
11.05-12pmBSM v T.HUAYAIS v ISP

3-POINT SHOOT-OUT (Qualifying Round)

12.35-1.25pmBSM v BISPSPS v YAIS
1.25-2.20pmMCM v B.PREPASB v BISP
2.20-3.10pmBISP v ASBYAIS v ISP
3.10-4.05pmISP v BSMT.HUA v YAIS
4.05-4.55pmBSM v ASBSPS v ISP
4.55-5.50pmB.PREP V BISPMCM v ASB


6.10-7pmBSM v YAISSPS v BISP
7-7.55pmBSM v YAIST.HUA v ISP
TimeCourt 1Court 2
8 – 8.55amLower Semi (LS1)
(3rd Pool A v 4th Pool B)
Lower Semi (LS2)
(3rd Pool B v 4th Pool A)
8.55-9.50amSemi (S1)
(1st Pool B v 2nd Pool A)
Semi (S2)
(1st Pool A v 2nd Pool B)
9.50-10.40amBISP v YAISISP v ASB


11.20-12.15pmBSM v SPS7th Place Playoff
(Loser LS1 v Loser LS2)
12.15-1.10pm5th Place Playoff
(Winner LS1 v Winner LS2)
3rd Place Playoff
(Loser S1 v Loser S2)
1.10-2pm3rd Place Playoff
(3rd in pool v 4th in pool)
5th Place Playoff
(5th in pool v 6th pool)
2.05-3.15pmGirls Final
(1st in pool v 2nd in pool)


3.30-4.45pmBoys Final
(Winner S1 v Winner S2)

Players are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which brings credit to themselves, their schools, and the game.

Coaches are also expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reinforces their place as leaders and role models, and encourage positive communication between themselves and players, referees, administrators and the general public.

Each school is responsible for ensuring their students are covered with comprehensive medical insurance and travel insurance if required.

A nurse will be on duty throughout the competition in the Infirmary located just outside the back of the sports hall.

All FIBA rules apply with the following modifications:

  • 1x time-out per team in first half allowed. 2x in second half (1 minute duration)
  • 3 minute half time break
  • A maximum of 4 personal fouls allowed (due to the shorter game duration)
  • A maximum of 6 team fouls per half (shooting free throws on the 7th foul)
  • Mercy Point – if a team reaches a 30-point lead, scoring ceases and the score at that time is recorded as the final result. The game shall continue for the remaining time.
  • There will be no over-time in round robin play. If a game is tied at the end of regulation time, the match remains a tie.
  • Game duration:


  • 2x 14 minute halves (running clock except during time-outs and free throws)
  • Stop clock in the last 2 minutes of the game.


  • 2x 12 minute halves (running clock except during time-outs and free throws)
  • Stop clock in the last 2 minutes of the game.

Additional Playoff Rules:

  • If the game is tied after regulation time, a period of 2 minutes over-time will be played. If the game is still tied at the end of this time period, a period of Golden Basket will be played – first team to score a basket wins (Golden Basket to start with a jump ball)
  • Finals (1st place playoff only):
    • 4x 7min quarters (Boys)
    • 4x 6min quarters (Girls)
      -2 minute quarter break and 5 minute half-time.

Other Rules:

  • A maximum of 12 players per team
  • Players must be Under 19 years of age on August 1st 2018
  • All teams to have numbered playing kit, numbered bibs will be provided for colour clashes
  • Scoring: 3 points for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss. If there is a tie on points at the end of the pool games the following rules will be applied to determine positions:
  1. Result of the head to head match will be used.
  2. Then points difference for games played between the tied teams.
  3. Then overall points difference.
  4. Then total points against.
  5. Then 3 free throws each.
  6. Then sudden death free throws.

3-Point Shooting Contest

  • Each team may select 1 player to participate
  • There are 5 shooting positions to shoot from (see image)
  • At each shooting station, there are 4 basketballs to shoot
  • The last ball at each station is a money ball (red, blue and white colour) worth 2 points
  • Time limit to shoot all basketballs – 1 minute

NBA Skills Challenge

  • Each team may select 1 player to participate (for the girls division there will be a lucky draw for 2 additional competitors to make a total of 8)
  • All rounds feature 2 players racing against each other to complete a series of skills challenges. See link below for demonstration (note – the last shot will be from the free throw line instead of 3 point line).

Over the two days we are using trained referees in basketball from the Phuket Basketball Association. We also have a number of younger, but experienced Thai officials running the score benches.  Please understand that English is not their first language. If you would like to raise any concerns, we have a Thai teacher on hand to translate or discuss any issues.

The Breakers Cup will be awarded to the team who finishes in 1st place. Medals will be awarded to the top three teams. There will also be a trophy for the winners of the individual competitions.

Food and drinks sales

Parents, spectators and students, can buy food and drink on campus from our school cafe Bake. The cafe is excellent and sells good quality sandwiches & pastries as well as a great selection of coffee and shakes. Opening hours: Saturday 8am – 12pm.

Our students will also be selling a selection of sports drinks and shakes throughout both days just outside the Sports Hall.


Changing facilities are located inside the sports hall and have been newly renovated. Please remind players not to leave valuables in the changing rooms.