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As an integral component of the BTEC Sport programme at BISP, our students have engaged in a collaborative effort with Optimise Fitness aimed at enhancing their understanding and practical application of diet, nutrition and fitness.

This partnership with Optimise has resulted in the design of a bespoke 8-week course tailored to meet the specific needs of our students and align with their curriculum requirements. Central to this initiative is the utilisation of the Optimise Performance Pyramid, which offers a systematic approach to assist our students in leading healthy lifestyles, ensuring adequate sleep, consuming nutritious meals and engaging in appropriate exercise routines.

Under the guidance of industry expert Darren Blakeley, our students have honed their skills in executing compound movements safely and effectively. Emphasising the importance of the seven fundamental human movement patterns, this approach ensures a comprehensive and efficient fitness regimen. Furthermore, attention is placed on elements such as speed, range of motion, form, technique, exertion and recovery, all of which are essential aspects of optimal physical performance.

The collaboration between BISP’s BTEC Sport programme and Optimise Fitness promises to provide students with a valuable opportunity to enhance their knowledge and practical application of diet, nutrition and fitness. Students will be able to develop their skills in executing compound movements and understanding the key elements of optimal physical performance. This partnership will undoubtedly contribute to the holistic development of our students in the field of sports and fitness.