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Charlotte has been an integral part of the BISP community for the past four years. With acceptances from renowned institutions such as The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Emerson College, and Marymount Manhattan College, Charlotte is set to pursue her passion for Theatre and Performance. Her experience in IB Theatre at BISP has allowed her to explore various aspects of theatre beyond acting, including directing and designing.

During her time at BISP, Charlotte has excelled not only academically but also in her extracurricular pursuits. She was awarded Top in Thailand for her IGCSE French results, played the lead role in Shrek – The Musical and served as Head Student in her senior year. Charlotte’s dedication to her craft and her active involvement in school activities have contributed to her personal and character development and reflect her ability to inspire and lead by example.

As Charlotte embarks on her journey to shine on the stage and beyond, her time at BISP has undoubtedly provided her with the skills and confidence to succeed in the competitive world of theatre. The supportive environment and opportunities at BISP have nurtured Charlotte’s talents and she feels prepared for a fulfilling career in Theatre and Performance.