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Mai has been an integral part of the BISP community for the past two years, joining in September 2021. With a passion for teaching, Mai aspires to pursue a career in education after leaving BISP. Her involvement in various activities such as the CREST Club, SOS Village, Board Games, and Crochet Club has allowed her to discover her interest in interacting with and helping others. Mai’s contribution to designing the Y13 leavers’ hoodies showcased her creative side.

During her time at BISP Mai has actively participated in school activities and demonstrated her commitment to the BISP community. She states that her experiences at BISP have played a crucial role in shaping her future choices. The senior school IB and courses at BISP have provided Mai with a well-rounded education, enhancing her understanding of various subjects and developing valuable skills for her future career in teaching. 

Mai is an academic scholar at BISP, reflecting her dedication to academic excellence. As she embarks on her journey to inspire future generations through teaching, Mai’s time at BISP has undoubtedly contributed to her growth, both academically and personally.