IMG 20230722 WA0001BISP’s extracurricular club ECO@BISP is deeply committed to promoting sustainability and combating the harmful effects of fast fashion. From the successful student-led Swap and Shop events held during the 2022/23 Academic Year, not only have the students been involved in repurposing clothes but have raised a total of 4200 baht.

This money was used in collaboration with Chow Pet Foods to provide nutritious meals for the Phuket dog pound over the Summer. A total of 80 kg of food was donated over the course of 4 weeks. All clothes swapped found new opportunities and allowed our community to limit unnecessary waste.

Eco@BISP is a group of parents, students and school staff that spread awareness about environmental issues and promote good practice through communication avenues, events and meetings. We look forward to another successful year ahead and hope you join us in promoting sustainability within our community.