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BISP is excited to announce that we will continue to offer our ‘Thai Lessons for Parents’ this term. As our school community grows we have many families who are new to Thailand and Phuket who would like to learn basic Thai, or families who have been with us a while and would like to improve their Thai language skills. 

The classes will be taught by Kru Be who is an experienced instructor who is fluent in both Thai and English and will use a variety of teaching methods to ensure that parents have a well-rounded learning experience. These classes will provide BISP parents with the opportunity to learn basic or intermediate Thai and expand their linguistic skills. 

We believe that these classes will be a valuable addition to our community support and will provide our parents with a valuable skill that will benefit them in their lives as they make Phuket their home.

The classes will be offered as follows: 

Thai Lessons for Parents poster 2023

Beginners Class (Speaking and Listening Class) 

2 lessons per week  Tuesday 01:30-02:30 pm. and Friday 08:00-9:00 am

Start: 1st September until 15th December 2023

Location: Location: Archive, 1st floor MTB 

Cost: 7,800 THB/term, nonrefundable

Intermediate class (Speaking and Listening Class)

2 lessons per week  Monday 08:00-9:00 am and Thursday 01:30-02:30 pm.

Start: 4th September until 14th December 2023

Location: Location: Archive, 1st floor MTB 

Cost: 7,500 THB per term, nonrefundable


For registration & inquiries please contact Kru Be via email at [email protected]