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In line with our goal to continuously expand and improve the student experience and opportunities, BISP is pleased to share significant enhancements in our golf programme. As we continue to prioritise the development of our students, we are excited to introduce you to a revamped golf offering that is set to elevate their skills, understanding of the game and overall golf experience.

What the New Golf Programme Offers

Foresight GC3:

Our golf programme now boasts the use of Foresight GC3, a cutting-edge technology that provides industry-leading performance insights and true-to-life simulations. With three precision cameras capturing both ball and club data, students and parents can analyse and fine-tune their techniques. The touchscreen display ensures a seamless experience, whether indoors or outdoors.

In-School Sessions:

We have implemented an online programme with comprehensive lesson descriptions available on Google Classroom. These sessions provide continuous support, reinforce learning and feature development checkpoints. With 15 different levels of attainment, ranging from beginner to U.S. College Scholarship ready, students can track their progress. The programme also includes ‘Course Ready’ achievements, individual access, weekly tasks, quizzes and video tuition and storage.

On-Course Sessions:

Our on-course sessions offer a unique opportunity to receive coaching in the context of the game. Students will work on strategies, green reading, and club selection. This component is specifically aimed at golfers looking to elevate their game and aims to develop a BISP Golf Team, creating a pathway towards high-performance golf. These on-course sessions will eventually lead to participation in BISP Golf Tournaments.

Additionally, we understand the importance of students putting their newly acquired skills into practice on the golf course. To facilitate this, BISP has secured special deals on junior memberships at Laguna, Loch Palm, and Red Mountain, offering reduced rates to make on-course sessions more accessible.

On-Course Sessions Schedule:

On-course sessions will take place every two weeks. During the weeks when students are not on the course, we will provide specialised on-course coaching modules at the school area to further develop their skills, preparing them for actual course play. This approach is designed to ensure optimal skill development and lays the foundation for possible tournament play and participation in the BISP Golf Team.


BISP Sessions: 

BISP on-course coaching modules will be billed at 900 THB per hour. We recommend a minimum of 2 sessions per week to maximise improvement.

On-Course Sessions:

These sessions are optional but highly recommended once students reach the required level. It’s important to note that if students do not play on the course, either with or without the programme, their improvement will be limited.

Loch Palm Golf Club:

Green fee: 200 THB

Caddie fee: 400 THB

Caddie tip: 300 THB

Transport: 200 THB

Coaching fee: 1,800 THB

Total: 2,900 THB per session

Laguna Golf Club:

Green Fee: 600 THB (No green fee for members)

Caddie fee: 300 THB

Caddie Tip: 300 THB

Transport: 200 THB

Coaching fee: 1,800 THB

Total: 2,600 THB (Members) 3,200 THB (Non-Member)

Golf posterIf you’re interested in signing up for the Term 2 programme, we will be hosting a Golf Open Afternoon for parents and students who wish to join the golf programme. The Open Afternoon will be held on Thursday 16 November from 3 PM to 5 PM. For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Coach Ollie at [email protected].

At BISP, we are dedicated to nurturing the talents of our students, and this revamped golf programme to complement our fully qualified and highly experienced coaching staff is a testament to our commitment to our student’s holistic development at all levels and age groups.