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From October 13th to 15th, the BISP Sea Eagles swimmers embarked on an exciting journey to Bangkok for the ACT Championships. The team, consisting of 19 talented athletes, set their sights on the competition with determination and commitment, opting to focus on a maximum of eight events each. Despite their smaller numbers and selective participation, the Sea Eagles swimmers delivered remarkable results, showcasing their passion for the sport and team spirit.

One of the standout performances came from Enkhmend, a 14-year-old swimmer who claimed the first-place trophy in the boys’ category. His dedication to training and relentless pursuit of excellence paid off, making him a shining star in the competition. Chaychan, a 15-year-old swimmer, secured second place in the same category and also received a well-deserved trophy.

Chuan, in the over-16 category, displayed remarkable skill and determination, earning a third-place trophy. The trophies won by these swimmers not only reflect their hard work and dedication but also serve as a source of inspiration for younger athletes in the BISP Sea Eagles family.

What makes the Sea Eagles’ performance at the ACT Championships even more commendable is the fact that they achieved a third-place finish in the high points team category, demonstrating the unity and collective spirit of the team. This achievement speaks volumes about the support and encouragement that team members provide to each other, creating an environment where swimmers can thrive and excel.

Another remarkable aspect of the BISP Sea Eagles’ performance is their commitment to self-improvement. A staggering 80% of their races saw improved times, a testament to their dedication to continuous growth and development. These student-athletes understand that swimming is not just about winning medals but also about pushing their own limits and constantly striving for excellence.

The BISP Sea Eagles Swim Team’s performance at the ACT Championships was nothing short of impressive. With their trophies, high points team recognition, and personal improvements in times, they have shown that hard work, discipline and teamwork are the keys to success in the pool. The future looks promising for this talented group of swimmers, and they have set the bar high for themselves and their competitors. As they continue to chase their dreams there’s no doubt that the BISP Sea Eagles will continue to ‘rise above’.