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Parents of children in Nursery and Reception were invited to Stay-and-Play sessions. These Stay-and-Play sessions have proven to be an extraordinary and invaluable opportunity for parents, a heartfelt chance for them to experience the immersive indoor and outdoor environments found within the realm of Early Years alongside their little ones. It’s a heartwarming experience that allows them to witness firsthand all the vibrant activities and games that engage their children during their school days.

In Reception, children have started to learn sounds so parents were also invited to observe a Phonics lesson. Parents enjoyed seeing how children are taught letter sounds in a fun and engaging way and were so impressed at children’s listening skills! 

At BISP, we promote a strong parent-school partnership where parents are part of their child’s learning journey and feel confident to support learning at home. We believe in nurturing an environment where parents are not just spectators but active participants in their child’s learning journey. We aim to empower parents with the knowledge and confidence they need to play a pivotal role in supporting their child’s learning, both at school and at home.