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BISP Early Years students spent the second half of Term 1 learning about ‘People Who Help Us’. This included our parents, teachers and people from the emergency services. This unit is useful for students as it helps to develop their Personal, Social and Emotional development and their understanding of the world.

As such, the annual fire truck visit took place on Friday 17th November and was a huge success and an enjoyable occasion for all Early Years students. The students enjoyed seeing the flashing lights and listening to the loud siren. 

Students had the opportunity to walk around the firetruck, climb up into the cabin, walk through the back area and hold the water hose. This real-life experience gave the students a lot to talk about and helped to develop their role-playing in the learning environment. The Early Years children and team would like to thank the Aor Bor Tor Koh Kaew fire station for the visit and we look forward to seeing them again next year.