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From March 7 – 9, BISP proudly hosted the FOBISIA CPD Leaders Conference under the theme “Leading with Impact: Navigating the Future through Inspired Coaching Excellence.” This marked BISP’s inaugural hosting of such an event, and it was met with enthusiasm by 54 member schools, with 85 delegates travelling to Phuket from destinations as diverse as Kathmandu, Kazakhstan, and New Delhi.

As the delegates arrived in the warm embrace of Phuket, they eagerly anticipated reconnecting with both familiar faces and new acquaintances. Each attendee was warmly greeted with a Conference pack, courtesy of the generous support from Making Stuff Better, a FOBISIA affiliate, and other sponsors of the conference.

The first day commenced with executive meetings facilitating connections among participants, culminating in a ‘State of Union’ Address by the FOBISIA Executive Leads. Here, they shared their focal points for the upcoming year alongside the challenges they envisioned.

Day 2 began with a heartfelt welcome from Susan Walter, BISP’s Primary Principal, setting the stage for the enlightening proceedings. Keynote speaker Kathryn Hemming took centre stage, captivating the audience with her address on “The Gift of Deep Listening.” Renowned for her wit, Kathryn provided delegates with invaluable insights into the transformative power of attentive listening. Throughout her session, she emphasised the importance of truly hearing someone—a skill often overlooked in today’s fast-paced world. Delegates were encouraged to embrace the art of attentive listening, leaving a profound impact on all present.

The day’s lineup featured esteemed speakers such as Radha Pandya, who delved into “Developing Positive Relationships,” and Ryan Woolaston, exploring “Coaching with Cognitive Science.” The professional learning concluded with a thought-provoking video presentation by educational writer Tom Sherrington on “Establishing a Coaching Culture.” Day 2 culminated in a delightful reception hosted by BISP Headmaster, Mr Meredith, fostering further connections among delegates and affiliates.

Day 3 of the conference continued the momentum with several distinguished presenters discussing trends, challenges, and exciting opportunities in delivering educational CPD in schools. Notable speakers included Matt Mills, shedding light on “Evidence-Based Education,” Andrew Mowat, exploring “AI and CPD,” and Richard Driscoll, addressing “Evaluating CPD Impact.”

The conference concluded with a sense of shared accomplishment and renewed inspiration to drive positive change within our educational communities. As delegates departed Phuket, they carried with them not only new knowledge and insights but also a strengthened network of colleagues committed to fostering excellence in coaching and professional development. With gratitude for the enriching experience shared, we look forward to continued collaboration and growth until we meet again at the next FOBISIA CPD Leaders Conference.