Extracurricular Activities


As part of the Triple Helix model, following one’s passion is integral to the ethos and strategic intent of the school.  One outlet for this is through our extensive range of extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular activities are a definitive part of the BISP experience. Students enjoy a wide range of activities, many of which are delivered by professional expert coaches, on our vast and well-equipped campus. Whatever a student’s interest, there will surely be something to ignite their passion as part of our extracurricular activities programme.

Wide range of activities

At BISP we offer an extensive extracurricular programme that features the arts, sports academies, steam and fun. This enables students to explore a wide range of activities at BISP, enhance their skills and find new passions.

Activities include

Aerial Performance Acadamy;
BISP Concert Band;
BISP Dance School;
BISP Service Club;
Board Games;
Business Club;
Cross Country Running;
Drama Showcase;
DT Construction/Development;
ECO@BISP Environmental Group;
Fantasy Investing;
French Club;
Fun Crafts;
Garage Band;
German and Russian;
Goalkeeper Training;
IB Art Studio;
IELTS Exam Support;
International Award;
Karaoke Club;
Make Bake Create;
Mandarin Catch Up;
News Desk;
Painting sets and props for Performing Arts;
Podcasting; Politics,
Philosophy and Current Affairs Club;
Rock Climbing at Rebel;
Roleplaying Games;
Science Club (Crest Award);
Secondary Singers;
Social Media Group;
Spanish Catch Up;
STEM Club;
String Ensemble and Fobisia Orchestral;
Swimming (Bronze, Silver and Gold);
Thai Events;
Thai News;
Touch Rugby;
Ultimate Frisbee;
VEX Robotics;
Y13 Maths Coursework Support;
and Year 13 SL Applications Support Sessions (Maths).

Facilities offering on campus

With its 44 acre campus and multi-purpose facilities, BISP is able to offer the majority of its extracurricular activities on campus. The convenience which this provides encourages the take-up of new activities amongst inquisitive students, and creates a rich and vibrant passion-led culture at the school.

Activities delivered by professional coaches

BISP students enrolled in our sports academies have the benefit of access to professional coaching and training. A number of activities are delivered by professional, expert coaches and practicing professionals, removing any glass ceiling to the learning experience at BISP.

Activities for ages 3 and up

We introduce extracurricular activities at an early age at BISP. Students as young as 3 are invited to participate in introductory activities such as the Early Years learn to swim Sea Eagle programme, and to then build the range and depth of their participation on a progressive basis, tailored to their needs. This ensures a manageable balance of curricular and extracurricular study at the school and an all-around enriching experience.

Mix of free and outside provider activities

All teachers at BISP contribute their expertise to the free activities on offer. In addition to these, BISP brings together partnered providers on the island for additional subsidised activities such as horse-riding and rock-climbing. This expands the range of activities on offer and ensures that the needs of all students are catered for.

High participation rates

Recent studies have shown that there is a positive correlation between extracurricular participation and academic achievement. The culture of activity participation at BISP, the convenience of taking part in activities on campus and the range of activities on offer, translate into extraordinarily high participation rates in activities. This encourages all students to try new activities and to find their passion.