ShineAs well as having two Head Students, BISP Secondary School appoints an additional 17 Year 13 students every year to provide leadership and support in various areas of the school and to the lives of students.

Today we would like to introduce you to Min Ha and Marija, our two Shine leaders for the 2021-22 academic year. Shine is a metaphor for good health and relates to the choices students make to keep themselves physically well and safe. Secondly, it refers to the celebration of the achievement of self and also of others.

As Shine leaders, Min Ha and Marija will support students with their physical and mental health, build awareness of key issues, and educate the student body on important topics.  

Min Ha

Min Ha An“Hey! My name is Min Ha and I’m a Korean student. For the past five years at BISP, I have had the chance to meet new and diverse people as well as to have the chance to learn and experience new activities. I have a great interest in Cryptography and learning new languages. I also have a passion for the fields of Information Technology and Physics. I have competed in numerous Math competitions, Physics challenges, FOBISIA Coding challenges, History Bee and Bowl, and online language competitions. I have also completed both my Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards.

“In my position as Head of Shine, I aim to create an environment and a sustainable programme where students are healthy, both physically and mentally, so that students can learn without limitations and achieve their maximum potential. I also believe I have a good ability in understanding and pulling people together, finding ones’ strengths, and applying them to create, organise and manage a team. I look forward to working with any students and any teachers from Secondary to create a more healthy and student-friendly environment in school.”


Marija Rutkauskaite“My name is Marija and I am from Lithuania. It is a privilege and honour to be a part of the BISP Student Leadership Team. I joined BISP in 2018 and since then I have continued to do my best by persistently pushing my boundaries: adapting to a new culture, overcoming language barriers and balancing my student-athlete life. 

“I belong to the High-Performance Swim Team at school and I have represented Lithuania in multiple European and World Championships over the past four years. I also broke a national swimming record in 2018.

“As a High-Performance student-athlete, I have a huge passion for mental and physical wellbeing and an interest in helping others. I hope that I can help BISP students and staff to find their way to a better lifestyle. I believe that the skills that make me a leader and role model in this position are emotional intelligence along with communication skills, creativity and most importantly the ability to inspire others. I look forward to supporting the BISP student community to develop our values throughout the approaching academic year.”

If you missed our blog post announcing our Head Students, you can read about them here. For more information on British International School, Phuket please contact [email protected].