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Songkran, Thailand’s renowned water splashing festival, came alive at BISP as the school community immersed itself in a week-long celebration from Monday, April 1st to Friday, April 5th. This festival, marking the traditional Thai New Year on the Buddhist calendar, brought together students, teachers, and staff for a joyous and meaningful cultural experience.

Throughout the week, the Thai department organised a series of vibrant activities and performances, capturing the essence of Songkran. The highlight was the Rodnam Damhua Ceremony, a cherished tradition symbolising respect and gratitude towards elders. This ceremony not only showcased Thai cultural heritage but also fostered a sense of unity and appreciation within the school community.

In addition to the cultural performances, students and attendees indulged in delightful Thai desserts and refreshing Thai herbal drinks, courtesy of the Thai Department. Students and teachers had fun taking part in the Thai “Bamboo” Dance or “Lao Krathop Mai”. Additionally, students across the primary school also had the opportunity to take part in various water-themed activities during their PE lessons and on various occasions throughout the week. 

Thank you to all the students, teachers and staff involved in making the BISP 2024 Songkran celebrations successful. The lively atmosphere, water-themed activities, cultural performances, and culinary delights made the BISP Songkran celebrations a memorable and enriching experience for everyone involved. Happy Songkran to all!